Hi! I’m Jaimi, South Bay-based Realtor and former professional beach volleyball player – which means I know what it takes to keep my eye on the ball and my head in the game. 

As a Stanford educated athlete, I’ve always thrived on competition and continually strive to take my performance to the next level. Now a South Bay Realtor, I bring a competitive edge – and a pro athlete’s singular focus – to every transaction.

I’ve worked in Real Estate for almost two decades and know the ins and outs of South Bay’s Real Estate market. I have a keen eye for finding dream homes for my clients – and a knack for taking the stress out of the process so they can relax and focus on the future. 

I specialize in the Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Torrance and Palos Verdes real estate markets, working with Manhattan Beach brokerage and real estate development firm Pacifica Properties Group to provide unparalleled expertise and engaged, personalized white glove service to my clients to help them navigate the sometimes-intimidating South Bay market. 

With the powerful backing of the partners at Pacifica behind me, I’m always working to take my game to the next level – I use the latest technology and most current marketing insights to ensure an A-team level of service for my clients. 

The Reviews

"Jaimi constantly went above and beyond for us."

We worked extremely close with Jaimi throughout our home buying process after moving to CA from NY. She was with us during the initial research/exploration phases all the way through a successful close. Jaimi constantly went above and beyond for us. We aren't just saying this - there were countless examples where she represented us exactly the way we desired. Her market intel, guidance, energy, responsiveness and desire to satisfy clients make her an amazing real estate professional. We recommend Jaimi hands down.

-S. & E. Kortgard

My Promise 

 I will negotiate a more-than-competitive price for your home – and take all the strain out of the process.

I will find your dream home at a fair price and provide a streamlined, stress-free experience.

Competition, determination, and grit. These are three essential qualities that have followed me on and off the court and into almost two decades of real estate success. In a competitive and ever-fluctuating market, you deserve an experienced agent who will set you up to WIN. With your best interests in mind, and as an ex-pro volleyball player and Two Time National Champion, winning is my specialty.

When you hire me as your Realtor, we are a team. That means that you can expect the same competitive drive, tenacity, and mutual respect I have applied throughout my athletic career that truly sets me apart from the rest. The lengths I will go to in order to prepare you for and guide you through the buying process will result in success that is unparalleled.

Setting You Up for Success










By the

Manhattan Beach Open

In My Natural Element

As far back as I can remember, I knew I wanted to be an Olympic volleyball player. My Father, Gerald Gregory, served as Caption of the U.S. Men's National Indoor Volleyball Team from 1976 – 1979 and was one of the best players in the world during his era. I was so inspired by watching him play and coach throughout his career, I couldn’t wait to get on the court. I began playing volleyball at the age of 4 and was immediately addicted. I spent hours upon hours in the gym learning and training to someday, hopefully, get the chance to play for Stanford.

My Father later became a Division 1 College volleyball coach and coached me all through my young volleyball career until I went on to play for my dream school, the Stanford Women’s Volleyball Team, from 1996 - 2000. While at Stanford, I was a 4 year starter and our team won two National Championships (1996 & 1997). 

After graduating college, I went on to play professionally for the Chicago Thunder and then later onto the AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour. During 2009 – 2010, I won Gatorade’s “Quest for Gold” Competition award - designed to identify the country’s next Olympic athlete.  I competed against 16 athletes from various disciplines in an 8-month competition, and after winning the competition, I earned a full sponsorship by Gatorade for 2010 with world class training from the Gatorade Sports Science Institute as I pursued my beach volleyball dreams.

Ironically,  the other thing I loved at a young age was Real Estate! (Even though I didn’t call it that.) From about age 12, I would beg my parents to take me to Open Houses in our neighborhood. I’d also constantly hound my family to play Monopoly with me...I should have known then that Real Estate would be my future. 

As I built my Real Estate business over the last 17 years, I enjoyed playing beach volleyball competitively up until the age of 40. Now at age 44, I continue to strive to stay healthy and active while enjoying playing recreationally with my husband James and teaching him how to play. 

Manhattan Beach Open

My husband James 

Me in action at the

Stanford Women's Volleyball Team

National Champions '96 & '97

Beach Volleyball 

6. Our Ideal Saturday morning

7 years

5. How long we've been married

Pretty close to it!

4. Was it love at first sight?

Steak & Whiskey

3. Fav. Date Night Restaurant

Whole foods

2. Fav. South Bay Grocery store 

1. How we met back in 2014

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Tinroof or North Italia

12. Fav. South Bay Takeout


11. Role Model

Susie Cakes

10. Our Favorite Dessert

Greece & Italy

9. Favorite Vacation ever 

an American 🇺🇸

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7. Our All-time Fav. Restaurant

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Meet my awesome husband James - my #1 biggest fan and supporter! Here are some quick facts about us! 

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